LERIG 2014 – Green and Advanced Technologies for Environmental Sustainability (GATES)

Environmental issues have emerged as the most significant parameter governing the sustained growth of the leather sector. Environmental concerns have now surpassed national boundries and gained global attention. It has been realised that environmental friendly technological interventions alone can ensure the sustainability of the leather sector. In view of this, the LERIG 2014 aims to focus on “Green and Advanced Technologies for Environmental Sustainability (GATES)” as the theme.

 LERIG 2014 will discuss the immediate and long term concerns, priorities and opportunities for the sustainable growth of the leather and allied sectors. This event will provide opportunities for the stakeholders to discuss strategies to meet the challenges faced by the leather sector.

LERIG 2014 proposes to deliberate on the following areas:

  • Cleaner leather production
  • Environmental challenges including solid waste management
  • Value addition for leather products
  • Corporate responsibility
  • National and International requirements towards environmental compliance.
  • Developments in the area of leather chemicals and their environmental consequences